ZARE and its story

ZARE is one of the true Emilian stories, which began over 50 years ago in a small village between Reggio and Parma, nestled on the banks of the River Po.
Boretto is famous among gourmands for its production of delicious onions, while for the most nostalgic of us, it is well-known for being a stone’s throw from Brescello: the perfect setting for the tales of Don Camillo filmed between the 50s and 60s.
During these years teetering between the economic boom and the contradictions of an Italy united only by name, Zare began to work in precision mechanics, serving the industry with professionalism, expertise and efficiency.

Zare focuses on innovation and market development. Consequently, in 2009, the company joined the
rapid prototyping .Even back then, it was a reasonably mature industry but now, 6 years on, it is arguably one of the key aspects of every industrial production sector.

The rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a set of various industrial techniques that helps to create a “prototype”, i.e. the first element, or elements, of a future final production series. A feasibility study is carried out starting from a 3D file, then the files are sent to the machine. In simple terms, it is like 3D printing for industrial purposes.

Technologies and materials used can be very diverse with various characteristics: from a range of plastic materials that produce relatively elegant finishing touch, to materials able to simulate rubber or a sort of see-through material.

We mentioned that rapid prototyping was a technique for creating “prototypes”: well, that is not quite correct.

Given developments in equipment, rapid prototyping can also produce final pieces, including through the use of metal sintering technology and its relative high-performance materials, such as titanium or cobalt-chrome.

A special section for the ultimate elements is the automotive one: also in the formula uno stables, between sintering inserts made by carbon fibre and mechanical high-performance elements, all addittive production technologies find their perfect destination of use.

Another field of excellence is the naval and ground aerospace vehicles.

The opportunity to realize bee-nest models, in combination with high-reliability of materials, allows to combine the difficult relationship between weight and strenght.

Zare: excellence at the customer service

Zare is born and grow up aiming to 5 features:

  • Excellence technologies
  • State-of- the- art machinery
  • Research of materials
  • Direct production
  • Short delivery time

These are all features that Zare can show to its customers.

The maniacal optimization of processes has allowed to obtain the certification ISO 9001:2008.

Zare and EsserEmiliano

And that is why Zare has chosen #EsserEmiliano:

We trust in the project EsserEmiliano because we have given a lot to this wonderful land but, most of all, we have received a lot: we have inherted the culture of the “well-doing”, the culture of the “never giving up”, the culture of the research of the hard way for best results, no matter what.
We have given job roles, products and services well-known in Italy for their final quality: with the same passion and precision we introduce ourselves on international markets.

During Euromold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, we have bought directly from Stratasys the third Fortus 900mc: a machine that allows monolithic prototyping up to 1 cubic meter of volume.
In this way, we have became one of the very few national players with such an important rolling stock.
The purchase on the german ground has been the preview for the launch of the website

EsserEmiliano is a national web project but it has its weight also on the international scene.

We are a flexible company, constantly in evolution, as the market is: internet is the present tool and one of the most strong and measurable channel for customer’s aquisition. We constantly invest in communication and online promotion, so we have appreciated a project able to combine these important elements.


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