Emilia has always been a breeding ground for ideas and so we understand how satisfying it can be to see them become reality! It is only when they take shape that they can be fully appreciated by everyone, including ourselves.

Consequently, turning ideas into images is an important job, which can only be done by real professionals with the best materials.

Typico knows this all too well.

In fact, thanks to its digital printing and graphic installations for venues, it has become a benchmark in the advertising and promotional sector.

But the services they offer don’t stop here: wall coverings, hotel supplies, work clothing, gardens and swimming pools, these are just a few of the jobs that Typico performs, although they all have a single common denominator: the constant care and high quality of the products used, which are certified according to existing environmental safety standards.

Customers who go to them know they can count on qualified staff who are able to suggest every possible solution for a highly customisable service.

Focused on the marketrequirements, they guarantee complete corporate communication support.

But it is not enough for Typico to have just gained solid experience, because their watchword is innovation: for materials (fabrics, polycarbonates, PVC, car stickers, etc) and for technologically advanced printing systems.

The other characteristic that sets Typico apart from its competitors is the large range of options that it can offer thanks to the different materials it uses.

Their goal is simple: The customer must leave happy and be able to recommend Typico to their friends.  This has always been the case so far, as we can see from the positive reviews on Facebook.

They are always on the lookout for new challenges, so make them your first port of call for any slightly strange or extravagant requests: you’ll find people who are enthusiastic to make them.

You can find them on all the major social networks and you can also visit their website, where you’ll find their contact details and some inspiration.

Website: www.typicosrl.it

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