A new project for young adults gets off to a start; STUDIO TRE believed in the project from the very beginning, offering its support for language-related issues and welcoming students during work placements:

Scuola dei Talenti, changing the world for the young adults of today.

“Kids nowadays aren’t the same as they used to be; kids today are all couch potatoes; they need to get off abroad …” ENOUGH. Perhaps that’s not really what kids are like at all! The young adults of today are “here and present” and they’re saying: IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THIS COUNTRY.

Are we going to support, guide and stimulate them as they progress into adulthood and work hard to make their dreams come true? Do we want them to learn skills and gain know-how in a context that is stimulating, creative, exciting and connected to the real world and business?

Scuola dei Talenti has created the first system in Europe giving Experience Training to young adults in a school setting, designed specifically so that they can “train” their self esteem, confidence and emotional intellect, keystones in the development of talent of any form, be it sports, technical ability, art, academic brilliance or working aptitude.

When young adults feel sure about themselves, they are ready to learn anything and make their dreams come true!

A cutting edge project, revolutionising traditional methods of learning, putting the focus back on the young adult, because they are the real protagonists of the present and the future.

No school desks. Most lessons alternate discussion with the teaching staff with learning how to do practical activities at a business or doing experience-learning activities off the premises. The latest multimedia tools are used to their full potential for communicating with students and teachers all around the world, to open up to new ideas and discussions.
No homework. After school, students apply and experience what they have absorbed during the course of the morning. Instead of doing homework, they do research and create innovative start-ups.
No marks, opinions or fear of failure. Students are encouraged to make mistakes because getting something wrong in a controlled setting helps you learn to deal with failure and become a stronger and more experienced person.

High School Level got off to a start in January 2017, with various alternatives (Secondary Schools, Technical and Professional Institutes); Middle School level will be ready to start in September 2017, and Junior and Elementary School levels are scheduled to start in September 2018.

Registrations are open until March 30th (with the possibility to leave other schools and re-register)

For free, non-binding information: 800 864 712 – scrivici@scuoladeitalenti.net