The history

The Pepe Bianco Restaurant was created in 2012, but it can boast a long, excellent family tradition.

Pepe Bianco was set up to share the flavours of exquisite, delicate fish-based dishes with Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Po Plains, just as if you were in Calabria.

This has also been possible thanks to our Chef, Elio Tallarico, who puts his valuable experience and culinary skill to good use every day for Pepe Bianco.

A culture of fish

Pepe Bianco pays particular attention to the quality of the dishes served . This also applies to the quality of our ingredients: every day we source fresh fish from the market, while for the few things we need to buy frozen, we check that they were frozen as soon as they were caught, while still on the boat.

We place an extraordinary care in preparing our dishes: we bring in seawater especially from Calabria for cleaning and storing certain ingredients, such as mussels.

Our quality ingredients and great care in preparing dishes mean that we can create the same flavours right here in Reggio Emilia that you enjoy when eating a fish dish in Calabria.

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Where to find us