Limitless creativity: The company

Since 1987, Isabella Ricami has been turning simple designs into miniature masterpieces that form creative values based on identity. Able to offer customised support and services, the company actively collaborates with its style team and with the designers of various customers.

For RicamificioIsabella , the quality and services offered are its greatest investment, while confidentiality is also part of the company philosophy. Quality is the goal that pushes the company to continuously invest in resources and in cutting-edge technologies, because at this company work is above all passion and the customer is a valuable resource.

Exquisite details: Styling

The Isabella Ricami style studio develops the creative flair of designers and pattern makers, turning their ideas into reality and drawing original inspiration from the archive and its own seasonal pattern book.

During production, special programs are used to process the various possible embroideries, made exclusively at the technical office. It is also possible to customise designs according to requests from even the most demanding customers.

Ricamificio Isabella creates various types of embroidery, directly on the garment or through appliqués, facilitating the customer’s production process. Ready-made garments can be embroidered with appliqués directly provided by the customers. The company also produces embroidery of various sizes, from the smallest, most minute, up to large 90×60 cm embroidery.

Embroidery in fashion: Techniques and materials

In addition to traditional yarns, Isabella Ricami also creates its own exclusive style ribbons and braids, from the basic to the most eccentric and sought-after yarns, to match the customer’s tricot knit.

The materials used by Isabella Ricami include:

  • Cornely/multi-head
  • Chain or terry stitching, including blends
  • Needle-tufted with mohair
  • Ribbons, cordonnets and insignias
  • Pizzy-solvy and soutaches
  • Various types of sequins
  • Stretch stitching or elastic cordonnets

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