Values guide our life. We each have our own, we each set the rules to our own existence and we live by them consistently and precisely.

Our rules define us, marking the boundary between what we think is right and what we think is unacceptable.

It’s not just people who have rules and values but also companies. This is the very factor which makes the difference between a partner and a supplier, between a seller and someone who supplies you with something you need fairly and respectfully.

Asepsystems is an excellent example of how values form the foundations for a successful company.
Just like every business, this company with 25 years’ experience has also had to deal with balancing projects for customers based on their needs and the budgets they have available for their projects.

So what can be done? Keeping costs down to balance the books is always a business’s first choice: this is what links taking home the commission and not going over-budget. The problem usually occurs when finding a way to keep the price within the customer’s budget.

There are two possible paths:

• Help the customer understand the requests made, reducing the scale of the investment in respect of certain functional sacrifices
• Compromise on the quality of certain components, using suppliers offering cheaper prices even if they are not the best technological choice.

Asepsystems’s decision has been clear and definitive ever since it was founded: never sacrifice quality.
Consequently, product customisation can be adapted to the customer’s requests for a higher quality standard, but never lower.

A stance so deeply rooted in the spirit of this great company from Parma that it even makes certain commercial sacrifices so it doesn’t tarnish its own reputation with less than excellent projects.
It is a rare choice in a market that increasingly looks towards making easy money, but also one that guarantees the customer complete reliability in Asepsystems and a partner they can always trust.