PrivatAssistenza is the first Home Care Network in Italy to provide home social and healthcare services across the country. Thanks to its network of over 160 “care stores” all across the region, PrivatAssistenza offers Italian families direct access to elderly, sick or disabled care so they can swiftly resolve any of their daily needs, including unexpected emergencies.
PrivatAssistenza centres look like offices with a shop window on the street and have a common brand and image. They are easy to recognise and access, and are always open 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide home social and healthcare services.


Above all, it provides social care services for the over 80s who require daily support: day or night assistance, personal hygiene, getting up or going to bed, dressing and undressing, help during meal times, companionship and supervision, walking and mobilization, pressure ulcer prevention, night-time hospital supervision, carer replacement/integration, assisted support services, etc.
Nursing or physiotherapy social healthcare services for the whole family: injections, medication, drip-feeds, bandaging, catheterisation, vital sign detection, rehabilitation and postural re-education, podiatrist and speech therapist services.
All home care services are agreed with the family and can be customised according to the patient’s actual needs.


Every PrivatAssistenza centre is independently run since the network is developed across the region by franchising. PrivatAssistenza centres have been developed through “franchising” since 1993. There has been a strong increase over the last few years thanks to their ability to anticipate the social changes of the past decade and to respond in a professional manner to families’ actual needs by integrating with public social and healthcare services. All indicators (the ageing population, the shortage of public services and the high costs of residential and hospital care) highlight how home care represents the optimum solution to make the healthcare system more cost-effective, while at the same time achieving the goal of improving the quality of life for the elderly, the sick, the disabled and their families.
– Men’s average life expectancy is 79.4 years, while for women it is 84.5 years.
– The over 65s account for over 20% of the population and this figure will rise to 26.5% by 2030.
– The number of over 80s has risen by 150% in the last 30 years and will increase from the current figure of 3 million to 6 million by 2030.
In this context, there is a strong possibility for the development of home care organisations and, thanks to their professionalism and efficiency, they can help improve the whole system.


The PrivatAssistenza brand is owned by Italiassistenza SpA which, alongside its regional network, has set up another 3 specific business divisions to offer full healthcare services to all types of public and private customers: public bodies, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, insurance firms and pharmacies.


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