The Galileo Giovolley Sports Club is a piece of history past, present and future for sport and education from Reggio Emilia.

This sports club combines the values of #LivingEmilian and #GrowingEmilian, making at times difficult athletic and managerial decisions, clear decisions whose sole purpose is the healthy growth of many young athletes.

Founded in 1964 by what was once the S.Croce Esterna Young Cooperative Club, the Giovolley sports club has always made its relationship with the city one of its strengths, supporting parents and teachers in establishing a solid educational base for young citizens of Reggio Emilia.

This bond with the region is also proved by the many companies of Reggio Emilia which have decided to support Giovolley on its journey.

Because Giovolley is not just about volleyball, but also football and triathlons with two great leagues in these sports too.

What volleyball teams are there at this great sports club? Let’s have a look together:

  • Under 11s (two teams)
  • Under 12s
  • Under 13s
  • Under 14s
  • Under 16s
  • Under 18s
  • Serie C.

The five gyms that the club uses include:

  • “M.di Canossa” Gym on Via Paterlini
  • “Secchi” Gym on Via Paterlini
  • “Galileo” Gym on Via Candelù
  • “Adriano Roccatagliati” Gym near to the Schools on Via Premuda
  • “Casoli” Gym on Via Allende.

The Galileo Giovolley Sports Club is a solid organisation for helping young people from Reggio Emilia to grow in the name of true sporting values.


Where to find us