Pallacanestro Reggiana was founded in 1974 by a group of friends and became a symbol of a city already in love with basketball: Reggio Emilia.

Pallacanestro Reggiana immediately began to climb up the leagues and after just one season in Serie D they were promoted to Serie C in 1976 . In 1978, Pallacanestro Reggiana was taken over by Cantine Riunite, whose official colours became white and red, and after a brilliant season they won promotion to Serie B.

The 80s were marked by a big step: Serie A. The club reached the highest league, intimidating the big clubs. Their extra weapon was Joe Bryant.

Unfortunately, the 90s saw the team yo-yo between Serie A and Serie A2, but it was during these years that players of the calibre of Mitchell and Basile wore the white and red jersey, putting on a great show for the crowds.

During the 1999/2000 season, Pallacanestro Reggiana teamed up with a major sponsor, Bipop-Carire. It was not the only new feature as a new president, Stefano Landi, took over the reins of the club.

During the 2000s, the team often got to the final but never managed to win the championship, while also reaching the Final Eight of the Coppa Italia. They achieved another goal by playing in the European “Uleb Cup” which ended after they qualified for the quarter-finals, the best result by any Italian team.

In 2007, another major sponsor decided to join Pallacanestro Reggiana: Trenkwalder. The next five seasons were very poor, but in 2012 the team was finally reborn and made its return to Serie A. This promotion was marked by a new agreement with a fresh sponsor, Grissin Bon.

The Grissin Bon era produced some great results: 2nd qualification running for the Final Eight of the Coppa Italia and a victory in Europe with the Euro Challenge.
Last season, the club proved it could still reach the upper echelons of the highest championship, losing by only 2 points in Game 7 of the Championship Final and therefore going within a whisker of what would have been a truly historic result.

The club’s goal is not just to be a great club but also a benchmark for sport and young people. Consequently, years ago, the club founded a basketball school for young kids and invests heavily in the youth sector, where it is considered one of the best in Italy.

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