L’Ovile is an A-B type social cooperative founded in 1993. Its objective is to offer rehabilitation paths by providing accommodation, jobs and education to people who live in hardship or need.

L’Ovile draws inspiration from the principles of mutuality, solidarity, equitable distribution of goods, work as collaboration, the importance of human life and democracy. In 2015, it received top marks from Rating di legalità for its ethical conduct.

It is formed of different divisions with tasks covering various sectors. In this respect, it offers different services depending on the type of client it works with.

It offers the following services for companies:

  • Industrial processing ranging from assembly to copying services
  • Company cleaning
  • Environmental services guaranteed by a certified quality system
  • Corporate social responsibility to develop social responsibility projects
  • Agricultural contract services or manual work on the vineyards, pruning and green area maintenance

While it offers the following services for public administrations and citizens:

  • Judicial Psychiatric Hospitals and mental health services in premises owned by L’Ovile, with the goal of reintegrating people suffering from mental health problems back into society
  • A restorative justice centre thanks to which minor offenders can serve their sentence through an appropriate programme designed by criminal mediators
  • A socio-cultural centre for anyone who has a disability. Here they can carry out socio-occupational and therapeutic-rehabilitation activities
  • A foreign citizens’ office offers a guidance service for immigration practices
  • Environmental services
  • Oasis and park management
  • Sustainability education
  • An energy project aimed at promoting energy saving and the generation of energy from renewable sources
  • Second-hand clothing collection for reuse
  • Private cleaning
  • Catering and tourism
  • Solidarity economy or the sale of organic and fair trade products either at the cooperative or with local companies
  • Educational services run through summer and winter camps
  • Employment for anyone living in hardship

L’Ovile is a company that creates new opportunities by encouraging integration and solidarity.

Visit their website and seize this great opportunity.

Web site: www.ovile.net

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