In many sectors the caption “made in Italy” is a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. The same applies to the food and agricultural industry, where Italy excels for the variety and quality of its products. However, when it’s time to do the shopping, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open and learn to distinguish which foods are really 100% Italian and, therefore, represent a guarantee for the consumer as regards the raw materials and the certified production processes employed.

Olive oil is emblematic of this seemingly subtle but actually substantial difference. How many times while doing the shopping have you seen bottles of extra virgin olive oil with such different prices that you end up feeling confused or shocked? Making a quality product costs money, so why is it that some companies manage to produce an Italian extra virgin olive oil at 6-7 Euro per litre? That is, at a price below the production price? The answer is simple: the oil on offer is not Italian.

Until 2009 it was very difficult for an unaware consumer to recognise a quality Italian oil from an oil produced in Italy or elsewhere using non-Italian olives. As from 2009, a European Regulation (No. 182 dated 6 March 2009) requires manufacturers to specify on the label the origin of the olives used to make extra virgin olive oil. “Oil obtained from olives cultivated in Italy” or “oil obtained from Italian olives” are captions that guarantee the traceability of the raw materials, whereas captions such as “oils made from non-Community olives” or “oils obtained from olives cultivated in Community countries”, indicate that the product is not “made in Italy” even though the production plants are located in Italy.

Oleificio Golini has been committed to defending products “made in Italy” with great determination since 1945, selecting the best olives from the best Italian olive producing regions and taking top quality raw materials to the oil mill. Thanks to its geographical position, territory and passion, Italy has no rivals in the world in the production of extra virgin olive oil: why forgo this world record of quality? This is the philosophy that drives the Golini family, who has decided to stand up for its products, meeting in person all its customers and delivering directly the oil it produces. Real people with real oil: daily quality made in Italy constantly providing better flavour.