The Golini Oil Mill has stood in the heart of the San Secondo Parmense hillside for over sixty years. Here they produce extra virgin olive oil, infused with the passion and dedication of its founder, Giuseppe Golini, which has been proudly carried on until the present day by his sons, Luigi and Umberto, and now by his grandsons, Davide and Marco.

Thanks to his experience gained over the years, Giuseppe Golini was very skilful when researching the best olive groves in Italy. This gave his products consistency and an array of flavours that could satisfy some of the most varied and demanding palates.

From Abruzzo to Lake Garda, from Umbria to Apulia, only the best olives are harvested every year to make the famous Olive Oil of the Golini Olive Mill, which has won the Gold Medal at the Merano contest for several years running.

Alongside the passion and perseverance of the team at the Oil Mill, the utmost importance is paid to the quality control of raw materials. Indeed, this is guaranteed by a regional ordinance on the sale of Italian extra virgin olive oil, pursuant to EEC Regulation No 1019/02 and its subsequent updates under number PR03.

The Golini Oil Mill does not underestimate its relationships with consumers, always trying to provide them with the greatest support through its door-to-door sales and home delivery in order to establish a relationship of mutual trust. In this way, customers can try the various blends offered by the Oil Mill so they can find the one that best suits their palate. Furthermore, they can try the Oil Mill’s own balsamic vinegar.

Since 1945, F.lli Golini has been offering a highly customisable product completely Made in Italy, which is very different from industrial products and strictly packaged in Emilia under the expert eyes of the workers at the Golini Oil Mill.


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