The Bussola Multi-restaurant’s story goes way back and is a typically Emilian tale: a strong tradition behind it, a desire to innovate and the ability to get back up and not lose heart after disasters.
A holiday farm with a restaurant since 1963. “La Bussola” restaurant was set up in 1987 but it was under Mauro Morellini’s management that the restaurant began to become what we know and enjoy today. However, in 2005, a fire broke out at the venue, causing serious damage. But Mauro did not abandon his plans and by teaming up with Sasha, La Bussola became a multi-restaurant, as they like to call it.
In fact, perhaps it is even more than a multi-restaurant! The Bussola Multi-restaurant is a special place where you can always find the perfect option for a great evening, enjoying a pleasant work lunch in a suitable environment for our guests and, above all, where you will be welcomed by polite, competent staff who are always ready to listen to you and make your experience at the restaurant even better.
What can you do at the Bussola Multi-restaurant? You better sit down because the choice is vast:
• You can try a pizza or delicious meat and fish dishes at La Fenice (while your children are happy playing in the baby camp or on the bouncy castles)
• You can show your guests the cuisine of the La Stalla restaurant and wine bar, which will delight your palate with the best Emilian traditions
• But if you wish to eat something different, you can head to Toro Blanco and try some typical Iberian cuisine
• While The Loft can accommodate any big events for you
• Last but not least, you can have fun on summer evenings at B-Side, a beautiful summer area.
It has vast choice, an exemplary history, excellent food and welcoming staff. There’s no doubt about it: the choice is unique!
You can find their contact details under their profile or at their website.
All that’s left is to say bon appetit!


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