Founded by the Panini brothers, the club began in Serie C in 1966 and two years later it reached the top division, where it has remained for 46 years running.
Playing as Panini, Daytona and Pallavolo Modena, the club has won 11 championships10 Italian Cups12 European Cups and many other trophies, making it the most successful club in Italy and one of the most successful in the world.

Thanks to Catia Pedrini and Dino Piacentini, Modena Volley was taken over in the summer of 2013 to continue the city’s great volleyball tradition. A key figure in the club’s new staff is Andrea Sartoretti, its General Manager and a great former champion.

The club’s objective is not only to be a great volleyball club, but also to become a benchmark for sport, culture and business, while maintaining an identity rooted in the region but with national and international scope, and providing a clean, successful image of the city of Modena and of our sport.

On 11 January 2015, Parmareggio Modena Volley won the Italian Cup after 17 years of trying, a highly important trophy and a victory that was felt around the world, since Modena has always been “the home of world volleyball”.


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