Emilia, the land of engines, is not a cliché; this is a given fact.
Emilia, the land of the top automotive brands.
Italjet, Ducati, Moto Morini, Malaguti, and then Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini, the best of the best of the motor industry on two and four wheels all comes from Emilia: all founded, developed and built between Bologna and Modena.

But did you know that Lamborghini was founded because of Enzo Ferrari, the Drake?

At the beginning of the ’60s, Ferrari was already an internationally renowned luxury brand.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a wealthy, sincere, full-blooded entrepreneur: his name was as well-known as that of Ferrari, each in their own field. Lamborghini used to build tractors, buying military vehicles and converting them into agricultural machinery, which was in great demand after WWII. His foresight as an entrepreneur made him very wealthy and his passion for engines led to his admission of having so many cars that he could drive a different one every day.

His personal fleet of cars certainly had to include Ferraris, the symbol of luxury and speed, and a status symbol beyond most people’s reach even in the ’50s and ’60s.  Ferruccio Lamborghini used to love to skid and burn out the clutch in his Ferraris, which he used to take to Maranello for repairs until the far-sighted Ferruccio realised he could fix his Ferraris in his tractor workshops instead.

At this point, Mr Lamborghini noticed that the clutch in the Ferrari was the same as the one in his tractors, which gave him an idea: he could build a car that could surpass even the legendary Ferrari.

However, legend has it that another factor drove Mr Lamborghini to make this decision. The story goes that following the ongoing and increasingly harsh criticism from Ferruccio, Enzo Ferrari could not help but reply in kind, “laying down the challenge”: the problem in his eyes was not technical faults with the cars, but rather Ferruccio’s inability to drive anything other than a tractor.

Lamborghini Trattori were therefore joined by Lamborghini Automobili which, over the years, have given rise to several of the most legendary vehicles of Italian automotive history.

The paths of Ferrari and Lamborghini ran side by side, each finding their own target audience, while staying at the top of the range as brands and continuing to fuel the dreams of Italians, churning out models and vehicles that have become legends of design and Made in Italy industry, but especially Made in Emilia.

Does petrol run through the veins of Emilians?