Photo by Riccardo Medana from Spettakolo

Having finished the never-ending “Mondovisione” tour around stadiums and arenas, including a tour of the United States and Canada, Luciano Ligabue, one of the most important Italian rock stars, is celebrating 25 years since the release of his first album Ligabue, on 19th September in Campovolo (Reggio Emilia) at 8:30 pm.
It is no coincidence that he chose to celebrate this big event in his beloved land. Following his first concert in Campovolo in 2005, “Campovolo 2.0″ in 2011 and Campovolo “Italia loves Emilia”, this is another tribute to the land which brought him closer to music and, way back in 1990, let him fulfil a big dream: to sing and build a highly successful, award-winning career. Throughout his long journey, he has performed the widest range of work possible, including stints as a radio host, a promoter and a labourer. At 25 years old, he won great acclaim from both the general public and international critics.
Thanks to his background, Ligabue embodies the perfect all-round artist, someone who can also communicate through other forms of art outside of music, such as cinema and literature. He has written and published a collection of stories, Dentro e fuori al borgo and a novel, La neve se ne frega. He has directed two films, Radiofreccia and Da zero a dieci. In these works, there is a particularly strong link to his homeland and his desire to describe part of the daily life in the suburb where he grew up.

Here is a famous clip from Radiofreccia, the film that won him a David di Donatello as best director.

Due to his love for Emilia, but more in general for Italy as a whole, Ligabue has always kept social issues close to his heart. He has taken part in various projects to protect the environment. Together with some of his musical friends, he released the song Il mio nome è mai più against the government’s decision to get involved with the Kosovo War. He held two concerts against the mafia for Don Ciotti’s Libera association. In 2012, he joined 13 other artists taking part in the “Italia loves Emilia” concert to support all the people of Emilia hit by two huge earthquakes.
At the huge Campovolo-La festa 2015 concert he will play all the songs from his first album together with ClanDestino, as well as those from the highly successful Buon Compleanno Elvis with La Banda, an album dedicated to one of the singers who shaped the history of music worldwide: Elvis Presley, who would be 70 today. Lastly, he will play the best of his new album Giro del mondo, released last April.
It is sure to be one of the longest concerts of recent years, a revival of the last 25 years of the history of Italian music and of the life of every single person who has connected the most important moments of their life to a Ligabue song.
The celebrations will begin the day before at the Liga Village, an area where artists, jugglers and musicians will entertain the general public, while the two films made and directed by Ligabue will be shown: Radiofreccia and Da zero a dieci.
Along with different food outlets, there will be an area dedicated to the “LigaStory” where you can relive all of Ligabue’s career through images and objects.
The entire concert area will be divided into two large sections “Pit A” and “Pit B”, which can be accessed depending on the type of ticket you buy.

It is sure to be the show to end all shows.