Parmigiano reggiano is a wonderful cheese: nutritious, delicious and versatile, so much so that it can be used in thousands of different recipes from starters to ice cream…yes, even ice cream!

The King of Cheeses can be used in a variety of different ways in the kitchen and today we’d like to tell you about a truly delicious version, so much so that it will even tempt the hardest stoics. We therefore recommend locking your cupboards so you’re never without this real delicacy: La Viziosa.

La Viziosa is a marvellous Crema di Parmigiano Reggiano that you can use in thousands of different ways: as pâté on toast for starters, as a quick pasta seasoning that will make you look great or to add extra flavour to a main course. Then if you love pizza, see how delicious it becomes when this precious ingredient is added.

La Bottega del Buongusto offers you two versions: natural and with black truffle.

La Viziosa al Naturale is a delicious, 100% natural Crema di Parmigiano Reggiano, made with over 85% Parmigiano Reggiano produced directly at the same farm. Try it in risottos as well to make them extra creamy and you’ll be amazed by its delicate, unique flavour.

La Viziosa al Tartufo Nero uses the same natural base, but once it has been processed flakes of Acqualagna black truffle are added to give the product an exceptional aroma. The best of two great Italian regions fused together to give your dishes an aroma and flavour that will win over even the most refined palates and the most demanding dinner guests.

Want another secret for enjoying La Viziosa? Don’t heat it up before adding it to a dish. This way it’ll be even creamier and more fragrant as its flavours blend in with the other ingredients to create an unrivalled harmony of flavours and delights.

If you think you’re a real chef who can make great dishes with little effort then trust La Viziosa: it’s a real friend to your recipes, including for the festivities.