For over 30 years, La Pulitecnica has been offering companies, private individuals and public bodies the best cleaning service for any environment.
The La Pulitecnica team is formed of close-knit, qualified professionals who not only work in the sector but have been at the same company for years. It is definitely one of the strengths which have helped expand this business’s potential, projecting this multiservice company around the country.

It is thanks to this level of specialisation, developed over years working in the sector, that the company can still guarantee a competitive quality/price ratio, perfectly meeting the requests of even the most demanding customers and upholding its reputation of expertise and professionalism.

The ability to renew its image over the years has led La Pulitecnica to offer customers a range of services encompassing various situations:

Ordinary cleaning of offices, production departments, banks and sports centres, with the option of additional requests depending on the customer

Special cleaning: from photovoltaic and solar panels to post-environmental disasters (fires, earthquakes, etc); from special resin flooring to post-building work and even railway stations and high-altitude cleaning

Hotel services: They can provide floor waiters for serving breakfast and washing dishes, cleaning common areas and even doing the laundry. For more demanding customers, they can provide a competent member of staff to effectively and efficiently coordinate all the activities.

Finally, La Pulitecnica helps companies and private individuals solve their cleaning problems by providing an efficient service which, thanks to the company’s state-of-the-art products and machines, can guarantee the best result with the least effort for any situation.
The combination of experience, professionalism and reliability makes this company the perfect choice for any cleaning needs.

This is why La Pulitecnica is your cleaning partner.


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