We cannot talk about #BeingEmilian without mentioning hospitality: this is definitely one of our main characteristics. Welcoming guests, showing them our artistic and cultural heritage, helping them appreciate our culinary delicacies and admire our landscapes is almost second nature to us. This characterises us and helps us be remembered in a positive way.

So why not associate this value with our company?!

Building a long, stable relationship means looking after the customer at every moment. In order for this to be an exclusive relationship, it is essential that the customer feels like he is being handled exclusively; a positive impression can only be left if a positive experience has actually been enjoyed.

All this can be achieved by trusting qualified professionals, like Itinere, a benchmark agency for business tourism.

Every aspect of the experience they offer is planned and looked after, from the moment you arrive to when you leave:

  • the welcome of foreign guests is organised in detail
  • transportation is guaranteed with the greatest flexibility, professionalism and reliability
  • guided tours are also planned, paying great attention to the host company’s needs. The different itineraries offered have a single objective: to share the excellence we are proud of and which makes our region special.

ITINERE can therefore offer a service that is first of all useful for the client company, but also for the company’s contact person and for guests, who are offered a new, stimulating way of enjoying work. Then the city also gains certain benefits, receiving greater visibility.

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Website: www.itinere.re.it

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