Istituto Ottico Boselli was founded in 1982 inspired by the great passion of Umberto Boselli for healthy eyesight. Since then, this passion has remained and consequently it can now guarantee a customer-oriented, experienced and professional service.

Tradition is combined with innovation to offer cutting-edge products made using the best equipment.

Their highly qualified staff know how to follow you with the greatest professionalism and availability, providing the best advice and taking into account your daily habits, as well as your tastes and preferences. In fact, in addition to being very important for your health, glasses are an accessory that accompanies you all throughout your life: it is important that they fit your lifestyle and personality.

Istituto Ottico Boselli has a very wide range of choices with the latest trends and styles: consequently, it can recommend suitable products for any needs and tastes. There are many brands to choose from: there is so much choice that they are one of the 11 Rayban shops in Italy.

All the processing is done onsite thanks to the ophthalmic laboratory, the contact lens department and the in-house assembly and lens laboratory. They can therefore monitor all the finishing phases. They also perform eyesight analysis, different from the eye tests conducted by doctors.

Quality is the mainstay for professionals at the Istituto Ottico Boselli , where they say: “We’d rather not make the glasses at all than make the wrong ones!” They perform all the work with the greatest precision and attention.

Now that summer is here it is important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and here at EsserEmiliano we’d recommend getting a pair of the most fashionable glasses that suit you.

To find them, head to Via Emilia Santo Stefano 15/c and treat yourself to one of their appealing and elegant products.


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