The history

The history of the Il Tarassaco company is a family story that began, like the best traditions, many years ago thanks to Luigi Trentini, an Italian who emigrated to France in search of work. There, Luigi learned the art of using wild plants to treat people.

When he returned to Italy he passed on all his knowledge to his son Alcide and, together, the two of them began to visit neighbouring homes to offer these natural solutions to treat people’s and animal’s problems. By nurturing this knowledge, Alcide also learned the basics of winemaking, becoming interested in spirits, wines and bitters.

It was only when he reached 40 that Alcide’s son, Luigi, decided to take up this family tradition, beginning to turn it into a proper business. When dusting off Alcide’s old notes, he stumbled across the recipe for Tarassaco bitters, which is one of the company’s best-selling products to date.

Today, Fabio Bortesi runs the company with his grandfather Luigi still by his side, who set him off on this journey when, as a young boy, he used to accompany him to trade fairs, which are still a key way of promoting their products. In fact, after 10 years as a commercial manager at another company, Fabio decided to focus all his energy on the family company.

The philosophy

All Tarassaco products are free from alcohol, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavourings and sugar. Its certified organic ingredients are grown in the green Rovigo countryside by small farming cooperatives. The recipes are then made at its certified laboratories where the production process is closely monitored to guarantee the company’s hallmarkcraftsmanship .

The end products are therefore fresh, natural and completely free from any chemicals. Non-native plants are also used for certain products, such as: Ceylon cinnamon bark from Sri Lanka and Fucus seaweed or Centella Asiatica typically from India and South America, all these plants are well-known and used in herbal medicine.

The technique

The production techniques used are simple yet ancient: macerationdecoction or infusion. Decoction is used for the harder parts of plants such as burdock or dandelion root.

The infusion of the stem and leaves must not exceed 60°/70°, while the flower tops are added last to prevent any volatile substances from burning up with the steam.

Finally, the maceration depends on the time that each plant needs to fully release its substances. The final stage involves filtering and then bottling the product, during this time the only added product is pure lemon juice as an antioxidant.

Production is done in small batches to guarantee that the product is always fresh and packed with active ingredients.

Tarassaco is history, tradition and sharing. Tarassaco is passion, professionalism and quality. Tarassaco is always customer-oriented.

The products

The following Tarassaco products are also available at the online shop:

  • Yarrow Herbal Tea
    • Tarassaco Bitter
    • Montalto Mixed Flower Honey
    • Olive Oil, Beeswax and Propolis Ointment
    • Magnezym
    • Echinacea Syrup
    • Ground Blueberry
    • Olive Tree Droplets
    • Devil’s Claw
    • Ground Bearberry
    • Spirulina Algae
    • 100% Pure Organic Blueberry Juice


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