The brand

This new high-design jewellery brand was created from the combination of two strong, experienced professional skills: the creativity of Paolo Magnani, an internationally famous fashion designer, and the production expertise of Yuri Vacondio, the head of an artisan accessory business which has always worked for the most prestigious brands.

They were united by a shared passion for leather and jewellery, a desire to experiment, a pursuit of original solutions, an attention to quality and a desire to enhance the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

The style

Their jewellery has a punk rock soul but is open to a global style, with a tendency to play on fusions between different styles and cultures; it blends together inherited handcrafted traditions with technological innovation, while making apparently contrasting materials coexist and interact in complete harmony.
The finest natural leathers are thereby softened and handcrafted like fabrics. They are interwoven with the metal, softening the tone; exotic leathers are brought to life with unusual finishes, while special processes bestow the materials and parts with original features and a new life.

It is an eclectic style designed for people who turn their backs on banality without ever giving in to the temptation of

The product

It is the perfect blend of intrinsic quality and design that transcends fashion and the concept of accessories.
Bracelets, necklaces and pendants exceed their function as decorative objects, carving out an active role in a clever play on balance and empathy.
Immaculately made with the greatest attention to detail, the preciousness of Hume jewellery never overpowers the wearer, but rather it emphasises their nature and highlights their personality.
These unique pieces have a strong impact and character, yet they find the perfect balance with the people who adore them and, over time, are destined to become travel companions.


Where to find us