Ghepi was founded in 1972 based on its vast experience in processing technologies for plastics and the manufacture of moulds, located in one of the biggest regions for this sector in the country: Reggio Emilia. Over the years, it has strengthened its complementary activities and services linked to the development of projects for the injection moulding of technical and industrial products used in various sectors, up to Metal Replacement projects with high performance polymers and the moulding of medical products and food packaging in ISO Class 8 clean rooms.

We believe that our region has influenced the history and evolution of our company: its cultural wealth, its dynamic post-war industrial and technological development, its food and wine traditions, the birth of the Italian flag, the Tricolore, its excellence in primary education up to university and professional training, its classical and contemporary art, and its solid system of civil and social values all prove the complexity which, on the one hand, works in complete harmony and, on the other hand, is an incentive and capacity to adapt to the changing global competitive landscape.

In this context, Ghepi gave its business model a real shot in the arm following the impact of the “creative destruction” caused by the 2009 global crisis.

The priorities were: to listen to customers, to monitor the market and to get back into the game by investing in R&D and new technologies and offering innovative services.

Thus a new organisation was established which aims to go beyond mere product supply to become an Innovation Partner through service modularity and technological diversification:

  • Accreditation to the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network as a Research Laboratory within the field of Industrial Research for private companies and Italian and European tenders.
  • Recruitment of highly qualified staff and a constant commitment towards training and updating with a specific international focus.
  • Co-design with the customer serving as a Solution Provider for project optimisation, drawing on specific skills on polymers, fluid dynamics simulation, FEM analysis, and 3D Printing for checking project designs.
  • Technological Diversification: Bi-material Injection Moulding Gas InjectionThermoset MaterialsIMD, Ultrasonic and Vibration Welding, and Pad printing.
  • Collaborating as a System Supplier, including through involvement in Business Networks to offer customers supply chain synergies and cost savings in the development of projects through the integration of supplies.

Focusing on new scenarios, changes and needs of customers, which form key elements behind Ghepi’s strategy to create partnerships that generate value.


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