The companies we like to present as Emilian excellence not only represent quality and innovation but also sustainability: in fact, all of them have been developed with the utmost respect for the region where they are based.

Consequently, we are proud to present GEAS, a company that has been promoting and upholding these values since 1993.

GEAS works in the field of geological and environmental surveys, offering an advanced technical and reporting service.
Its work is aimed at companies and public bodies that need a geological and geotechnical consultancy service or environmental impact and workplace safety assessments.

It is therefore a cross-cutting activity whose common goal is the protection of human health and the environment.
In this context, GEAS conducts environmental impact assessments aimed at establishing the direct and indirect effects of certain works on mankind and the ecosystem.

Its monitoring, surveys and environmental prevention are based on topographical surveys, maps and geological reports, all compiled using the latest technologies, such as radio-controlled drones for aerial imagery.

Secondly, GEAS helps companies to fulfil their legal obligations on workplace safety and health surveillance. This is done by offering consultancy services or by providing training courses run by specialised technical staff.

The materials and skills provided by GEAS are cutting-edge and continuously updated.

In fact, its customers are known for their high level of expertise and considerable technical needs, which would not be met with simplified services, instead they are only fulfilled with quality analysis.

For GEAS, the customer always comes first and consequently, ever since it went into business, it has tried to offer its expertise and professionalism as quickly as possible and at affordable prices.

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