Ecosapiens is a brand of L’Ovile which carries out educational marketing and environmental education projects aimed at schools, organisations, companies and families. Its goal is to convey values and best practices to create a renewed, informed, careful, respectful and sustainable population.

Ecosapiens has developed an innovative educational approach based on clear, simple principles. First of all, EDUCATION created by experience, discovery and creativity. NATURE AND THE REGION which need to be understood in depth and connected to through a deep bond. RELATIONSHIPS are behind the organised courses to enhance social relations and people. INNOVATION always produces new languages that can convey values and messages.

Ecosapiens offers its customers innovative services, including:

  • Organisation of events based on interactive experiences
  • Development of teaching materials created ad hoc to help support teachers
  • Seminars and workshops for teachers to present the themes of the projects
  • Shows and theatre performances to get the audience to use even highly complex issues
  • Experiential educational activities and workshops
  • Educational competitions
  • Summer and winter camps to create continuity with the activities performed during the year
  • Themed cultural educational courses
  • Field trips
  • Environmental outings led by expert guides who help participants discover the region and nature

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