Over 20 million visitors are expected at Expo Milan 2015 scheduled from May 1st to October 31st. The Universal Exposition, focused on the decisive theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, is a unique opportunity for economic recovery and employment in Italy, presenting itself with brand new features and strong appeal. It will not be a simple exhibition, but a great event participatory that will involve different subjects in an innovative and interactive way, ranging from several connected themes: power, environment, education, culture, development, science, technology and tradition.

The Emilian territory, is called to be a protagonist of #Expo2015, strong in its capability to offer excellence products and services that are worldwide renowned and its strategic geographical position.


The estimate attendance for Expo will demand 150.000 beddings per day and Milan can only offer 50.000 (all booked already)
The Mediopadana High Speed train station of Reggio Emilia is the only high speed path between Milan and Bologna and it allows to reach Milan in only soli 45’, with numerous advantages for Expo visitors.
Reggio Emilia can offer hospitality and entertainment that are ideal for families, tourists and workers, while networking strategically.

EsserEmiliano: international marketing before, during and after Expo

The project “EsserEmiliano” will support the local entrepreneurial world through a plan of integrated communications and international strategic marketing able to revive the entire territory and to penetrate new markets, creating business opportunities before, during and after Expo 2015.

Thanks to the support of institutions and local businesses associations, and thanks to the work of a team of professionals who have long been operating in the network by investing resources and expertise into this unitary project of the highest quality, “EsserEmiliano” will present and promote the world all the excellence of the territory in an innovative and continuous way, using a set of tools developed in synergy to reach different Italians and foreigners audiences (companies, investors, tourists, consumers, families …) with effective and stimulating contents. Going against current from the myriad of initiatives and events related to Expo 2015 that are mainly focused on events, products or specific services destined to end along with the World’s Exposition Fair, “EsserEmiliano” will continue to play the role of the effective collector and springboard at a national and international level for the entire local business system.

A single brand will effectively and functionally convey at an international scale the various excellences of the territory to conquer in the short to medium term the new spaces in the different reference markets, attracting investors and business partners, companies, tourists, families and private consumers both foreign Italian. The logo of “EsserEmiliano”, associated with all the initiatives put in on line and off line, is the man of Le Corbusier “revisited” by the Emilian artist Franco Bonetti: the different parts of the body will host and convey the local companies and excellences based on the areas of activity they belong to – from agriculture to industry, from food to new technologies, tourism and culture, education services – without dispersing the value of the whole guaranteed by the single party agreement , valuable asset for the region and its community.

The activities

marketing  Marketing

Study, mapping, benchmark, creation of a strategic international marketing plan and its development through detected activities to be implemented throughout the project.


Creation of an interactive and updated portal for the brand “EsserEmiliano” and development of all its contents in such way that it can be effective as well as practical and user friendly.

web-marketingWeb marketing

International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to facilitate maximum visibility of th eproject, its iniciatives and its protagonists, international social media marketing and digital on forums and blogs with blog tours organization, periodical informative newsletters.


Press office of the brand and the project “EsserEmiliano”, study, creation and management of ad hoc communication tools (eg. Emilian Card with discounts and promotions purchasable online), possible partnerships with tourist transport and corporate carriers, guerrilla marketing initiatives and ambush marketing during Expo 2015, gadgets creation and viral communicative contents.

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