Credemtel, a company of the Credem Banking Group, was founded in 1989 as a Delegated Technical Facility for Corporate Inter-Banking (CBI). Throughout its 25 year history, the company has grown by making best use of its skills and experience, while opening and expanding its range of concrete and innovative solutions on the market.

To date, in addition to CBI, it has primarily been dealing with Electronic Document Management services, along with a series of side activities including Management Control. It still has the same goals: to help its clients save money by improving their different internal and organisational processes, in a more reliable way than a classic software house.

Credemtel has organised and focused its range of offers into three areas:

  • The company offers businesses a modular set ofElectronic Document Managementservices to effectively manage and reorganise a wide range of documents, saving paper and automating processes to improve organisational efficiency. Its range of offers also varies from CBI (which is essential for working online with all the banks) to Treasury for optimising cash flow management and automatically settling bank transfers, and even a specific online revenue module for e-commerce solutions.
  • Credemtel’s guidelines in the world of business also apply to the world of banking, offering banks all its CBI services and its Electronic Document Management services, as well as an additional intermediary service (thanks to an agreement with the Società Autostrade per l’Italia SpA) between theAutostrade Companyitself and the Banks, as part of expanding Telepass and Viacard services.
  • Finally, Credemtel organises and offers document digitisation and storage solutions forPublic Administration in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided and to streamline costs for public bodies. With this in mind it is worth noting its collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia in creatingGareSenzaCarta, a portal that helps organise and manage tenders entirely via the Internet.

Credemtel is a valuable partner for all administrative and financial directors looking for customised services and applications so they have the best and profitable management of every activity, especially those which have a lower added value but which, on an unrelated matter, are not so essential for achieving goals.

The services offered are flexibly designed so they can be customised, while projects for specific areas of action are specifically set up for complex businesses. Their professionals understand companies’ needs and are immediately clear about these requirements.

The UNI ISO 9001 and the brand new ISO/IEC 27001 certifications guarantee quality and security respectively.

Trust their professionalism for dependable, sound help in running your business: you cannot lose!


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