Your smartphone rings. It is the umpteenth notification of something you have to do. But today is different: the notification reads “Ferrari Day”. No, your smartphone has not gone crazy, sometimes dreams do come true and today your dream is going to become true: you are going to spend the day in the world of Ferrari.

You have spent a pleasant night in your hotel, the staff are courteous, breakfast is nice and tasty even though you are not feeling particularly hungry: the excitement and the adrenalin flowing because of the experience you are about to live have taken the edge off your appetite. Ready, steady, it is time to go! Your day in the Ferrari dream has started: let’s go to Maranello!

Maranello is a Municipality with a population of 17,000 in the province of Modena and as soon as anyone mentions its name, Ferrari immediately springs to mind. In 1943, Enzo Ferrari moved his factory from Modena to here and since then, Maranello has always been about Ferrari and passion for sports cars.

The Ferrari Experience

Your dream will come true thanks to Itinere, an agency specialised in business and leisure tourism. The “Ferrari Experience” Package is one of the agency’s many Leisure Packages.

The Ferrari Experience is unforgettable and all about adrenalin. After visiting the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, you will take a tour of the Fiorano track and then go on a short test-drive along the streets of Maranello behind the wheel of a fantastic Ferrari California 1: are you ready to be made breathless?

The Ferrari Legend

If you would like an equally intriguing experience but with a little less adrenalin, you can discover the Ferrari legend between Modena and Maranello. Itinere has thought up this itinerary to introduce you to the life of Enzo Ferrari and his passion for sports cars: you will spend the morning in Modena visiting the beautiful “Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum”. After lunch with tigelle (round bread discs) and gnocco fritto (fried dough puff), local gourmet specialities, you will head towards Maranello and the “Ferrari Museum”: legendary cars from the past and prototypes looking to the future, a dream for every car enthusiast.

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