The History of the Municipality of Quattro Castella

With its 13,300 inhabitants, Quattro Castella is one of the municipalities that best represents the traditions and history of the Province of Reggio Emilia. As its name suggests, the municipality is surrounded by four highly historical medieval castles which have always attracted tourists and enthusiasts; it is thought that these castles were part of the defensive domain of Canossa’s territory: today, only Bianello Castle, the residence of Matilda, remains almost intact, unlike the others which are now only a few ruins to admire.

Thanks to its historical charm and surrounding legends, Bianello Castle, now owned by the Municipality of Quattro Castella is in high demand for events, ceremonies and guided tours.


Since June 2009, Andrea Tagliavini has been the Mayor of the Municipality of Quattro Castella. Born in Reggio Emilia but currently living in Montecavolo, this 38-year-old conveys optimism, hope, drive and determination to his citizens.

“Managing a public body of 70 employees, €12 million turnover, 13,300 resident citizens and €15 million of completed public works requires the pursuit of innovative forms of social economy focusing on the  workers and families’ needs. You have to be able to design projects and know how to submit them to obtain funding that would have otherwise remained in the coffers. You must have a very clear network of values and needs which unify and strengthen the community”. A.T

In recent years, certain successful projects from Tagliavini’s administration have seen the completion of the Puianello bypass, the Montecavolo volunteer and services association, the Montecavolo and Puianello primary schools, the Puianello nursery, the new Quattro Castella square, the “Il mistero di Monte Lucio” exhibition, the Puianello healthcare home, as well as securing many existing public buildings.

None of this would have been possible if the Mayor was not supported by competent, professional people, such as his administrative council:Tommaso Bertolini, Vice Mayor, Ivens Chiesi, Land and Building Councillor, Maria Elena Manzini, Trade, Industry and Crafts Councillor, Alessandra Rompianesi, Environment Councillor and Danilo Morini, Culture Councillor.

The municipal council is also formed of young, responsive people and competent professionals. Every day, they all work to serve their community to ensure that the Municipality of Quattro Castella continues to flourish.
On the municipality’s website under the Statute and Regulations section, you will find all the useful information and documents for citizens of Quattro Castella or for anyone interested in potentially moving or starting a business here.

The homepage features all the useful links for citizens, such as the office hours, the Wi-Fi service, Announcements and Tenders, transport, useful numbers and contacts, online payments and so on.

What to see

Among the many local cultural events, which we Italians are deeply connected to, The Matilda Historical Procession stands out nationwide for its reputation and importance.

Since 1955, every year in May, many enthusiasts take part in the parade, thanks partly to the involvement of famous people who dress up as Matilda of Canossa and Henry V. Alongside the previously mentioned Castle, its surrounding Bianello Oasis is also very beautiful. This protected natural area of about 125 hectares is perfect for anyone looking for adventure among the region’s flora and fauna, spending the day set in unspoilt nature.

For the less adventurous, you can try food and wine tours to discover and taste some of Emilia’s excellent products. There are some real delicacies. In short, there is something for all tastes.


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