CO.DE CONSULTING, a consulting company in the telecommunications sector, was established on the initiative of Colamonici Imma, Pietro di Palo, Condino Gaetano and De Carlo Emanuela.

The company is a partner of the largest national telephone service providers meaning that medium-large companies can find the best solution to manage their telephone service requirements, including pre and post sales service.
The consulting services offered by Co.DE Consulting do not just focus on guiding clients through which services and virtual products to select, tools that are now fundamental for any company, but also on optimising costs and improving land and mobile phone services.

The Co.DE Consulting Team features highly qualified and certified telephone service consultants who have been working in the sector for years, motivated by enthusiasm and verve.

The main interest of this company is directed at meeting customer requirements: acting from a problem solving slant, the Co.DE Consulting Team follows and quickly takes care of any problem of a bureaucratic or administrative nature which may arise between the client and telephone service provider; this is made possible thanks to the quality, rapidity and clarity of information and services.


The numerous services offered by CO.DE CONSULTING include:

Mobile phone service: the best solution for your company requirements
Land-line service: a vast choice of offers from the main telephone service providers
Websites: internet websites, forums, e-commerce, flash animations for professionals and companies
Controversies with service providers: management of controversies between users and telephone service providers
ICT solutions: cloud solutions carefully chosen and customised to meet the communication, marketing and integration requirements with document management tools.
Banking-Financial-Fiscal Anomalies: Banking anomalies such as compound interest and usury on current accounts, fiscal irregularities such as tax assessment notices and financial anomalies such as mortgages, leases, derivatives and swaps


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