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High quality food is the essence of the Emilian character: when you talk of Emilia or any of its towns, you immediately think of one of the many food and wine products still made in Emilia according to the oldest traditions. From pasta, to milk, cured meats, cheeses and wine, this area of Italy produces an incredibly high number of excellent products famous the world over. They are expertly combined so often that Forbes, the prestigious American magazine, declared that the region has the best food in the world.

The favourable lie of the land, the vast plains for farming and the cool mountains with large pastures have all encouraged the development of agriculture and livestock, creating various micro-businesses which have developed over time to become worldwide leaders in their sectors. Indeed, Emilia is home to many industry giants in pasta, milk and prestigious cured meats which undergo a unique maturing process here thanks to the special microclimate of the Po Plains.

It is not just the most famous products (Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar, Parma ham or tortellini) that amaze palates the world over, but it is the combination of it all that adds to the greatness of Emilia-Romagna’s cuisine.

Casa del Miele

C’era una volta “una casa piena di gusto”, che nel lontano 1946 ha trovato dimora in vicolo Broletto, nel cuore

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Giorgione’s Restaurant

Giorgione’s restaurant is a place where tradition, research and passion for ingredients meet, creating deliciously simple recipes. Eating at Giorgione’s

August 24th, 2015|GustarEmiliano|

The F.lli Golini Oil Mill

The Golini Oil Mill has stood in the heart of the San Secondo Parmense hillside for over sixty years. Here

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Cantina Sociale di Gualtieri

The Cantina Sociale di Gualtieri (Gualtieri Winegrowers’ Cooperative) was founded on 15th December 1958 by twenty-one determined and far-sighted farmers, with the aim

May 18th, 2015|GustarEmiliano|

Carpe Diem

#VederEmiliano is about admiring a beautiful landscape dominated by the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, while savouring a traditional dish in a warm, welcoming

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Rifugio della Pietra

Are you looking for somewhere you can try typical Emilian culinary delicacies, maybe while enjoying the beautiful panorama of our

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The Municipality of Quattro Castella

The History of the Municipality of Quattro Castella
With its 13,300 inhabitants, Quattro Castella is one of the municipalities that best represents

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Multi-restaurant’s The Bussola

The Bussola Multi-restaurant’s story goes way back and is a typically Emilian tale: a strong tradition behind it, a desire

May 11th, 2015|GustarEmiliano|

Antico Bar Roma

Antico Bar Roma is a modern place, in the heart of Novellara, since forever a meeting point and shelter for

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Pepe Bianco

The history
The Pepe Bianco Restaurant was created in 2012, but it can boast a long, excellent family tradition.

Pepe Bianco was

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