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For centuries, Emilia has been enthralling the whole world with views of its scenic, artistic and cultural beauty that, enhanced by its towns, museums, tourist activities and events, have moulded the concept of ‘fine living’ characteristic of this region. What’s more, many businesses working in various sectors, such as fashion, have set themselves the goal of creating beauty. The beauty of our land has been called to cooperate in order to offer unique experiences and open up new paths.

Indeed, Emilia is full of wonders such as its great theatres (from the Valli to the Farnese and the Regio), but it also holds small gems like the Teatro Sociale in Gualtieri, which has been brought back to life by a group of young enthusiasts who put in their time and effort to give this small town of the province of Reggio Emilia one of its most precious treasures.

Here you can also enjoy art galleries, museums and historical monuments, but also the fashion, ceramic arts and all the manufacturers who make our everyday lives so fascinating. This is #SeeingEmilian.

Because being Emilian means that we like to enjoy the finer things in life, including the joy of beauty, the love for culture and the ability to wonder at the creative genius hidden in the restoration of furniture, the creation of jewellery or a fine tailored coat.

Beauty permeates through our Emilia, not only making it industrious but also full of charm, art and poetry.

Just think of Ludovico Ariosto, Antonio Ligabue and the Naïve artists, Correggio or Arturo Toscanini and you will see how much brilliance there is in this land that from the sea to the mountains gives us some of the most fascinating works that the human mind and nature have ever conceived.

Ever since childhood, Emilian people have grown up surrounded by beauty and we know how to find it in every little thing, so it’s no surprise that even when most people see a childish drawing, we perceive a world of poetry. And we are proud of it!

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With 30 years of experience in the corporate gift sector, Apple is deservedly one of the companies that proudly display #CreatingEmilian around the world.


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