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Anyone who has grand dreams must keep their feet firmly on the ground and know how to take one step at a time. There are thousands of Emilian companies in various sectors, from the environment to packaging, from mechanical engineering to technological research, to name but a few, that invest every day in progress. They represent the jewel in the crown and the driving force of the region, masterfully combining development and functionality to create innovative products and services which contribute to the well-being of the entire community.

These include excellent companies which have been involved in the green economy for years by creating renewable energies, reducing and recovering waste, designing eco-homes and smart cities, or analysing and planning cutting-edge services that now serve as reference models for the rest of the world.
In Europe and around the world, Emilia has always been a constant benchmark for the metalworking industry, from tools to agriculture and machine processing.

Over time, it has been able to renew itself to firmly tackle changing landscapes and increasingly demanding requests from both established and new markets.

Its continuous commitment to research and development also affects the network of innovation centres and industrial laboratories that unites academic institutions with public and private individuals to create a synergy between constantly improving resources, skills and equipment within the entire Emilian and Italian production sectors.

As the spearhead of this region that has created some of the biggest international automotive brands, the motoring industry has also found Emilia to be a successful testing area, thanks to its strong, widespread know-how and its professional experience at the very top level, capable of achieving the highest goals.

La Pulitecnica

For over 30 years, La Pulitecnica has been offering companies, private individuals and public bodies the best cleaning service for

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Credemtel, a company of the Credem Banking Group, was founded in 1989 as a Delegated Technical Facility for Corporate Inter-Banking (CBI). Throughout

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The companies we like to present as Emilian excellence not only represent quality and innovation but also sustainability: in fact,

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Asepsystems offers its experience to companies in the international food sector, providing them with high-level equipment for processing and packaging raw materials.


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Virgo Energie

For 40 years, Virgo Energie has been working to improve its customers’ quality of life, with a particular focus on the

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Emilia has always been a breeding ground for ideas and so we understand how satisfying it can be to see them

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Studio Tre

Studio Tre has been travelling alongside many national and international companies and professionals since 1979.
The reason is simple: companies who choose

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Ghepi was founded in 1972 based on its vast experience in processing technologies for plastics and the manufacture of moulds, located in one of the

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ZARE and its story
ZARE is one of the true Emilian stories, which began over 50 years ago in a small

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