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The heart makes the Emilian spirit breathe and drives it forward. This heart is bursting with different passions, kindness and enthusiasm which represent the characteristic values of this land. They live on every day in the commitment of the many people who give their very best to achieve major milestones for social causes or sports and associations.

Emilia’s pulsating energy comes from its major cooperative networks which support the region every day by handling valuable educational or social and healthcare services, while running various activities to help disadvantaged people or those in hardship to grow.

The thousands of voluntary associations and social or non-profit organisations uphold positive values and are a way for different citizens to integrate. Through meetings, activities, projects and outreach initiatives, they spread their specific vocation in a participatory and open way, forming an invaluable asset for the whole community.

The countless sports clubs and organisations are also an important source of enthusiasm and impetus for children, young people and adults, promoting healthy lifestyles and basic ethical values here in Emilia. Through their widespread presence across the region, they uphold the values of fair play, excelling internationally in various sports, such as basketball and volleyball.

Promoters of positive values and sources of integration among the different citizens are the thousands of volunteering associations, non-profit and social organizations who carry out their specific vocation through meetings, activities, projects and initiatives, in a participatory and open way, creating a priceless heritage available to the entire community.

An important reservoir of enthusiasm and burst for children, youth and adults is also made by the countless companies and sports organizations that in Emilia promote healthy lifestyles and fundamental ethical values. With a strong presence throughout the country, they represent a real fair-play training, able to excel at the international level in various disciplines, such as basketball or volleyball.

Pallacanestro Reggiana

Pallacanestro Reggiana was founded in 1974 by a group of friends and became a symbol of a city already in love with basketball:

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L’Ovile is an A-B type social cooperative founded in 1993. Its objective is to offer rehabilitation paths by providing accommodation,

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The Terre Matildiche Sports Club

Terre Matildiche is a sports club that is active across the regions which were once owned by the famous Grand

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Modena Volley

Founded by the Panini brothers, the club began in Serie C in 1966 and two years later it reached the top

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The Galileo Giovolley Sports Club

The Galileo Giovolley Sports Club is a piece of history past, present and future for sport and education from Reggio Emilia.

This sports

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PrivatAssistenza is the first Home Care Network in Italy to provide home social

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