#CrescerEmiliano – Creativity, innovation, quality of life, education and research

The mind as thoughts, creativity, and critical and cognitive development of the Emilian character. This is #GrowingEmilian.

Emilia is a creative land full of innovations and ideas that help every day to find successful solutions for a higher quality of life. The people, businesses and associations in Emilia are used to seeing opportunities for community growth in any problems or obstacles that arise on the horizon.

Our land was home to the first European university which began to train illustrious legal experts in the 11th century, becoming a cultural model and benchmark over the centuries for universities all across Italy and beyond.
But culture and education also mean the Reggio Emilia Approach, a markedly modern and innovative method of promoting childhood development, focusing on the concept of “competent children”, as declared by Jesper Juul.

From their first steps to graduation, Emilia gives its citizens culture and knowledge, trust and awareness, but it is certainly not content with just that. Emilia is a land of opportunities that last a lifetime, opportunities for business, professional growth and scientific research.

In fact, many organisations work to promote start-ups, as do the centres of excellence for medical, scientific and agri-food research.
Then there is the lifelong learning network that spreads throughout our region thanks to private initiatives and the valuable support of trade associations.
Emilia is therefore a land that invests in the growth and development of the individual, starting from birth and continuing to offer valuable educational opportunities all throughout life.

The reasons are simple: the first one is its historical vocation. For millennia, Emilia has been a cultural crossroads located in a strategic military position. This has ensured it developed many major inhabited centres aimed at establishing an outpost that could defend the rest of Italy from barbarian invasions. The fertile land made these early military settlements (traces of which can still be found in our town structures) ideal points for the development of medium-sized towns, with all the potential and requirements that this type of expansion entails. This includes schools.

Consequently, Emilia became a key hub on the road leading to Rome, encouraging exchanges between different cultures and the growth of important, intellectually active urban centres.

The second reason is down to a character trait: the Emilian people have an enterprising nature and love to enjoy life.

We Emilians never just sit around with our hands in our pockets; we always want to be active and are bursting with ideas, while we love challenges. If we think that there is something missing in the world, we go out and make it, whether it’s a new type of company, a new educational model or a different form of professional training.

Because at the end of the day, if something is missing, it is everyone’s quality of life that suffers and we don’t like that, because life is beautiful and we want to enjoy it to the fullest.

The minds of the Emilian people symbolise this very idea: growing together to live the best lives possible.

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