The Cantina Sociale di Gualtieri (Gualtieri Winegrowers’ Cooperative) was founded on 15th December 1958 by twenty-one determined and far-sighted farmers, with the aim of managing the processing of their grapes themselves, as well as the sale of the end product.

Since then, thanks to their perseverance and continuous modernisation, this organisation has grown remarkably.

A decidedly strong bond links the Winegrowers’ Cooperative to its hometown, Gualtieri, a small municipality in the province of Reggio Emilia which, being proud to be represented by this important manufacturer, sees it as the jewel in the crown of the local economy.

The wines

Among the products offered, all recognised as P.D.O and P.G.I., Lambrusco is definitely the one that stands out as the excellence of #TastingEmilian, a wine known not just in Italy but also all around the world.

The Gualtieri Winegrowers’ Cooperative is daily committed to satisfy connoisseurs and the most demanding customers, with great passion and expertise. It offers a vast range of wines, varying from a line of carefully selected bottles to the classic range of Lambrusco wines and other niche labels from our region.

The other ideas from the Winegrowers’ Cooperative

The Winegrowers’ Cooperative does not only offer wines but also traditional Emilian products such as olive oil, rice, pasta, sauces, cured meats, Parmigiano Reggiano, grappa, liqueurs and baked products. These products sold exclusively in its shop make a visit here a unique experience for any lovers of fine food and drink.

Innovation and tradition

There are small businesses in tiny locations which are suddenly discovered as a little gem on the food and wine market. The Gualtieri Winegrowers’ Cooperative is the prime example of these gems and proudly continues along its path of innovation, without ever forgetting its roots.

The Gualtieri Winegrowers’ Cooperative offers its private customers a high-quality, contemporary range of choices that is a bit different from the more traditional canons usually associated with these organisations.

A choice of good wine? Not just that, it’s a choice of innovation, expertise, excellent quality and outstanding service. With many interesting surprises that we will soon reveal!

Meanwhile, find out more at their website!

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